Target Shooting Rifles

Target Shooting Rifles


What does that mean to you?

Perfect? Exact? Accuracy?


Improving accuracy is something that many of us continually strive for. But what can we realistically do to increase accuracy when target shooting and how effective is it going to be.

Practice! Get out there, don’t give up, even the best shooters have spent many hours missing targets – do not let that put you off – learn from it.

  1. Use real paper targets. A lot of us print off targets from our printer, yes it is cheaper but for a small amount extra, the difference in paper and the way it tears when it is hit is easier to measure and track.
  2. Use a decent scope. When we are talking accuracy there really is no comparison between open sights and a scope.
  3. Choose decent pellets. It can be tempting to pick up some of the discounted brands due to the price point, but these tend not to live up to expectation.
  4. Make sure your gun “fits” you.

Like most things in life, practice is pertinent to success but sometimes we need a little more than just that.

The right air gun is certainly another thing you need to give some thought to…

Here at the Air Gun Centre we are great advocates of the FTP900. It was designed by AirArms to replace the EV2 and was in development for many years. The main firing body is milled from a single 3kg billet of aluminium and when it is done, it weighs in at just over 500grams. It is fully regulated and has a match grade barrel, trigger and everything else that you can think of. The FTP was built without compromise.

Everything is adjustable: the hamster, and cheek riser can not only move up and down, but they can tilt from side to side and forward and back, the built in butt hook is extendable for an FT shooter and can be retracted for HFT. The trigger is often dubbed as the best out of the box trigger ever and is fully adjustable for weight and pull.

If we had to criticise, it would be due to the weight.

For shooters who need a target rifle that is a bit lighter, then have a look at the AirArms MPR. The MPR is the target version of the S400. It is a rifle that has been used by many of the top shooters in the country and is still used today to great effect. It is shorter, lighter and much cheaper than the FTP and for some people, it may be a better rifle.

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