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Bullpup Air Rifles For Sale

Since the very first bullpup was patented in 1901, gun makers have been perfecting the design to create what we believe is the very best shooting experience in the airgunning industry. Whether you’re looking to buy a bullpup hunting rifle, a bullpup for target shooting or you just like the idea of owning one of the most sought after air rifles, you’ve come to the right place.

We have a full range of bullpup air rifles in stock from all the top manufacturers including: BSA, Weihrauch, FX Airguns, Air Arms, Daystate and more. Meaning you can very soon be joining the elite club of air rifle owners who have taken it to the next level, to the very pinnacle of engineering and design.

Buy Bullpup Air Rifles Online

Bullpups feature a full length barrel on a much shorter stock – giving you amazing accuracy and velocity, with much less weight and greater manoeuvrability. What was once just science fiction is now available for you to own. The elite troops from many of the world’s top armies are all using bullpups because they are the next step up from a rifle, and now us air rifle enthusiasts can own one too!

Outstanding accuracy combined with full power. Lightweight and easy to use – the Bullpup is taking the airgun world by storm.

Bullpups are shorter in length but still come with the same length barrel as a conventional rifle. This is achieved by shortening the stock, and positioning the action and magazine behind the trigger. They are compact, considerably lighter than standard rifles, and still offer the same level of power and accuracy.

Tried & Tested Bullpup Airguns UK

When you buy a bullpup air rifle from us at The Airgun Centre, you are buying an airgun we have personally tested in our workshop before being made available for sale. We fire each air rifle over 100 times to ensure it is ready to give you outstanding performance from the day it arrives, without the need for any fine tuning. Once we are happy with the gun, we issue a test certificate which is specific to the rifle.

The best part about buying an air rifle through The Airgun Centre is that your gun is fully guaranteed for life. That’s right, as long as you’re the original owner of the gun we will service and repair your rifle whenever you feel necessary – completely free of charge. This unique lifetime guarantee covers all parts and labour. 

Find The Best Bullpup Air Rifle For You

Have a browse through the Bullpups listed on this page and find the one most suited to your needs. Alternatively, if you would like to talk to a member of our team about bullpup air rifles, give us a call today. Our experts have over 40 years experience in the air gun industry and are always on hand to advise you on anything airgun related, so feel free to call us at The Airgun Centre on 01268 780 730.

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