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Weihrauch have been manufacturing guns since the 1890s, and it’s fair to say that in that time they have certainly perfected the art of creating precision engineered and innovative air rifles. In 1955 they developed their Rekord two stage sporting trigger, which was such a successful design that it is still used on all Weihrauch air rifles to this day – without any need of updating the original design.

The first Weihrauch air rifle that used the Rekord two stage sporting trigger was the HW35 and both the trigger system and the HW35 are still in production today. Weihrauch are a no nonsense company and when they design something, it becomes the standard all other companies are measured by.

New Weihrauch Air Guns

When Weihrauch develop a new air gun it’s because they have identified a need for it, and their track record proves just how in touch with the market they are. The experts at Weihrauch are constantly monitoring all their air rifles and air pistols for accuracy as well as precision to ensure they remain one of the leading airgun manufacturers across the world. They stay fully up to date with all the latest air rifle technology which allows them to maintain a level of consistency that is of world wide renown.

We Are Approved Weihrauch Dealers In UK

Since the HW35 was introduced, Weihrauch have designed and manufactured many of the best air rifles on the market – all of which are without doubt worthy of “world class” status, which is why we at The Airgun Centre are proud to be one of the top rated Weihrauch dealers in the UK.

Whether you’re looking to buy the Weihrauch HW95, HW110, HW100 Bullpup or any other model, you’ll be getting an air rifle designed and developed by one of, if not the greatest gun designers in the world. Plus with over 100 years of expertise and modern technological advancements – you will have an air rifle that’ll help you reach your true shooting potential.

We have a comprehensive range of Weihrauch air rifles for sale, here at The Airgun Centre. From cheap Weihrauch package deals to top of the range PCP, Springer or Bullpup air rifles – you’ll find them here and at a great price.

Buy Weihrauch Air Rifles Online

When you buy a Weihrauch air rifle, or any new air rifle from us at The Airgun Centre – you can rest assured that all of our guns have been tried and tested by us personally in store before being made available for sale. That means you’re guaranteed to receive a gun that’s ready for competitive shooting from the day it arrives.

And what’s more, as long as you’re the original owner of the gun – your Weihrauch air rifle comes with a lifetime guarantee on parts and labour. Any issues that you have with your Weihrauch air rifle will be fixed for free by our in-house team throughout the entire time you own the gun. Plus we will also service the gun free of charge to ensure it stays as good as new for as long as you own it.

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