The Best Multi-Shot Rifle

Weihrauch HW 100 S PCP Air Rifle

The HW100 is the big brother to the HW101, they are essentially the same rifle, but the 14 shot magazine system on the HW100 is widely accepted as being the best magazine on the market today. The HW100 can also be fitted with a single shot adaptor for target shooting and it is very popular in the world of FT and HFT. For example, England team member, Simon Vant has used a HW100 for many years with much success.

The HW100 comes in many different variants from carbine to fully shrouded, as it’s regulated you get nearly 100 shots to a fill, it has a stunning trigger and a high quality, walnut stock and barrel. The HW100 can do everything that you will ever need a rifle to do.

weihrauch hw 100s

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