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How to fill the Air Arms Multi Shot System


Hi I'm Ben from the airgun centre, I'm gonna be doing a quick demonstration of how to load the air arms multi shot system. First thing, cock your bolt (being very positive with it), pull you magazine out, it should just should slide straight out and then flick it around with your fingers loading it as you go - it doesn't matter which way you go. Push your magazine straight back in, doing it as flat as possible taking care not to bend your indexing post as you do it. It should click in positively. Push your bolt forward, lock it down and away you go. Just remember every time you cock the bolt it puts another pellet in the chamber and be careful not to double load it. For those of you who've purchased the 510 rather than the 410, the only thing different is instead of cocking a bolt you cock a side lever - but everything else is exactly the same.

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