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BSA R10 SE Realtree Camo PCP Air Rifle Pro Combination Package Overview

Here's an overview of the BSA R10 SE Realtree Camo PCP Air Rifle Pro Combination Package:









Action Type

Bolt Action 10 Shot Magazine



Fill Pressure


Barrel Length


Over All Length



Fully Tested Certificated Quality Rifle

Free Hawke Eclipse AO IR Mil-Dot Scope (or upgraded scope)

A.G.C Tactical Hard Case

Quality Hawke Mounts

Super Sling and Q/D Swivels

Hawke Tilt Bi-Pod and Bottle Clamp

Rifle Inspection Sheet

Swivel Studs

Unique Lifetime Guarantee

Free Services For Life (inc Parts and Labour)

Pack Of Targets To Get You Shooting!

2x 10 Shot Magazines

Filling Adaptor

BSA R10 SE Realtree Camo PCP Air Rifle Pro Combination Package review


hello there, it's Peter here from the airgun Center. I'd just like to show you what you get included in one of our BSA R10 special packages. This particular rifle is the woodland R10 super carbine (Realtree Camo), all of the R10's are available in our packages, our special packages, they're all available on our site but this particular rifle just happens to be the woodland. So they have the rifle, on top we have the hawke Eclipse scope. In our packages you get a choice of two scopes, basically you get these two - one is a four to sixteen by fifty and the other is a three to twelve by fifty they are very, very similar scopes. Obviously the hawke eclipse. The four to sixteen is slightly higher magnification so we generally recommend that if you're going to shoot targets more so than anything else. And the three to twelve has a slightly lower mag. We generally recommend that if you're going to shoot live quarry so there's a choice of these two scopes there the scope itself has a speed focus for the crosshairs which are mil dot which is really nice. You've got your magnification there this one is two three to twelve by fifty I've also got two color illuminated reticle this is red and green which is rather cool and then the all-important parallax correction you focus at the front here. So that's the scope obviously comes with your Hawke mounts now what we fit to these packages is the deben super sling padded sling it's a really really top quality sling it also has QD swivels so it's quick-detachable you then have the bipod this one is the 9 to 13 it's a tilt bipod so it's top-of-the-range again a really really good piece of kit now the whole thing is sitting on this case which is really really nice heavy duty italian-made hard case with nice for solid latchs there as you can see it's got a nice eggshell foam interior so when you put everything in here you can put your pellets and everything in close it all down it's all held in place nothing moves about so that's the case this thing on its own sells for 109 pounds it's top top quality so basically you get that little lot there. If you're buying in store, you'll get 500 pellets with the rifle if you're buying online or over the phone or whatever you'll get pellets because we've, sorry, you'll get targets instead because we can't send the pellets for security reasons in transit thank you. And last but definitely not least all of our rifles come with our unique lifetime guarantee so basically as long as you are the original owner of the rifle if it malfunctions in any way at all you can bring it in we'll fix it for you and that guarantee covers parts and labor so it'd be completely free to you also while you're the owner of it we'll service it for you whenever it needs a service completely free of charge so what they'll do is it will keep it shooting in tip-top condition for you for as long as you're the owner thank you

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