What is the best air rifle?

There is no right or wrong answer to this it is an impossible question as everyone is different with there requirements all we can do is guide you as best we can.
Try using our Beginners Guide which will help determine the best rifle for your requirements.

I have bought an Air Arms rifle, I used all the gas in the gun and now it won’t refill?

This is one of our most common questions, all you need to do is cock the rifle making sure there are no pellets in it and fill it whilst its cocked.

I have ordered one of your rifle and scope combinations what scope should I choose 3-12 x 50 Eclipse or 4-16 x 50 Eclipse?

If you are target shooting the 4-16 x 50 Eclipse is better suited and you will need the extra magnification. If you are hunting the 3-12 x 50 Eclipse is better suited as you wont need high magnification as it will make it harder to see your quarry, when you are on high zoom it also has better light gathering for hunting late evenings.

I bought a pump, but it won’t fill my gun.

You need to make sure all of the connectors are done up with a spanner nice and tight.

I bought a bottle and had it sent to me and its empty?

We are not allowed to send compressed air through the post for safety reasons.

My scope does not have enough elevation adjustment, I can’t zero it in.

This is a common problem, all you need to do is put a shim in between the rear mount and the scope, this will realign it putting your scope closer to your barrel giving you the extra elevation required.

I have fitted a silencer, I can’t hit a barn door.

Try shooting with your silencer off, if this improves your accuracy then contact the shop for further advice.

My gun is inaccurate.

There could be a few reasons for this, the most common being pellet choice.

Which Caliber is Better .177 or .22?

This really depends on what you are using your rifle for all I will say is if you are target shooting .177 is the way to go. The rest is really personal preference

How often should I clean my barrel?

Only clean if the rifle looses accuracy. If this does not improve the rifle performance then contact the shop for advice.

I think my gun is blocked and I can’t get the mag out what do I do?

Don’t panic just give us a call.

What is better Pump or Bottle?

Again, personal preference but a pump doesn’t run out or need to be tested, but on the flipside bottle is easier.

What is an accessory rail used for?

Some rifles have an accessory rail, which is often found on target style rifles and is located on the underside of the forend. This rail is a reverse dovetail and you can attach lamps, hamsters, bipods or anything else that you could ever want.
accessory rail

What is a hamster?

On some rifles like the BSA Goldstar, you will have a Hamster (also called a palm shelf), which is basically a way to make the stock slightly deeper. By extending the hamster, you can deepen the stock and this will make taking standing and kneeling shots easier, as the hamster will sit on your supporting hand.
adjustable hamster

What is a windicator?

Windicator can be found as standard on rifles like the FTP900; they are essentially a metal bag that hangs out of the front of the rifle at 90° and has either a piece of wool or a feather attached to it. You can use this to give you a basic indication of which way the wind is blowing.

What is an adjustable butt pad?

The adjustable butt pad is found mostly on target rifles like the FTP900 and Daystate Griffins. It is located at the back of the rifle and it is where the rifle contacts with your shoulder. There are two sorts of adjustable pad, there is the basic pad which just moves up and down. This is mainly for shooters who like to rest the butt of the rifle on the ground and it enables them to raise the rifle up higher and then with an extending cheek piece, you can rest the rifle on the ground and still have your cheek on the cheek piece and have your eye central with the scope. The second form of adjustable butt pad is the type with the paddles attached. These also move up and down, but you can also adjust the paddles to enable you to fit the stock deep into your shoulder.
adjustable butt pad

What is an adjustable cheek piece?

Some rifles like the HFT-500 have a cheek piece that can move up and down. The advantage of this is the ability to get the perfect fit for your cheek on the stock no matter how high or low the scope is set. Some shooters use scopes with a 56mm objective (front) lens and some use scopes with a 32mm. This means that on some rifles you will have to use a high mount and some, you can use a low. The adjustable cheek piece allows you to always have your eye perfectly centred on the scope, no matter how big or small the scope is.
adjustable cheekpiece

What does it mean by fully adjustable?

Some hamsters and butt pads move up and down, however, some are fully adjustable and these not only move up and down, but they can also twist side to side and you can adjust the angle and even the yaw. Ask at the shop to see a FTP900 to see a fully adjustable set up.

What does it mean by cold hammer forged?

This is a form of forging that allows BSA to make extremely accurate and consistent barrels. It uses a system of mandrills to pound the barrel into shape at almost room temperature and this technique is why BSA have a reputation for producing some of the best barrels on the market today.

What does it mean by brake barrel and under lever?

These are the two most popular forms of spring gun. A brake barrel is where the whole barrel is cocked to about 90° to compress the rifle’s spring before being snapped back into place before the rifle is fired. An under lever rifle uses a cocking bar that is located below the rifle’s barrel. This bar is then levered down to compress the rifles main spring, before being snapped back into place before the rifle can be shot.
brake barrel rifleunderlever rifle

What is a knock open valve?

This is a system that has been developed by Air Arms over many years. It is a valve system that sits between the rifles main air reservoir and the barrel. When you pull the trigger, the valve opens for enough time to allow a blast of air to move from the reservoir and down the barrel pushing the pellet along. What is clever about the knock open valve system is that when the reservoir is full and has high pressure, it only opens the valve for a fraction of a second, but when the air pressure is lower, it allows more air to pass. This way, as long as you have air between about 105bar and 185bar (on a rifle like a S400), the pellet should always leave the barrel at a consistent speed.

What is an air metering system?

This is a form of regulator that ensures that the amount of air that comes from the rifle’s reservoir is consistent and as such, always gives the shooter a shot that is a similar foot per second over the chronograph. It also increases the efficiency of the shot cycle and this means that you can get more shots per fill of the reservoir.

Do I require a license?

If an air rifle is under 12 ft pounds you DO NOT require any kind of license (air gun permit required in Scotland).

What I.D is required to buy an air rifle or airgun?

Anything with proof of address, photo, signature.

When do you deliver?

We aim to deliver next working day provided its ordered before our cutoff time, check here for details.

Why didn’t I get pellets with my combo?

Due to parcelforce restrictions we are not allowed to send ammunition with the rifle.

I have an enquiry about my order who shall I contact?

Always contact the shop for purchase enquiry’s

I have messaged your Facebook page about my order and they can’t tell me anything?

All Sales, Servicing, and general enquiry’s Please contact a member of staff at the shop.

What is the warrantee on my Rifle?

Your rifle has a lifetime warrantee provided you are the original owner

I have overfilled/ blocked/ dropped my gun can it be repaired under warrantee free of charge

This is generally not covered under our guarantee, but we will try our best to help you out.

I want to have my gun serviced, how do I go about this?

If you live a fair distance away you can post via 48 hour express delivery, Please include £20 return postage and a cover note with your contact details on. If you are local just pop in to the store.

Can I charge my PCP with gases other than air?

Under no circumstances must you put anything other than air into your rifle.

Why should I enclose return postage when I am sending my rifle in under free lifetime guarantee?

Everything is free we just ask you pay for postage

I think my pcp rifle has a leak shall I send it back?

Best thing to do is fill it up and put a mark on the gauge where you have filled it to and leave for 2-3 days and see if it goes down.