Will Any Scope Fit On Any Air Rifle?

Will Any Scope Fit On Any Air Rifle?

When it comes to air rifles, the scope you choose can make a significant difference in your shooting experience and safety. But can any scope fit on any rifle?

No – Not all scopes can fit on any rifle and some could be dangerous. It’s crucial to consider the specific features and requirements of your air rifle before making a purchase.

The first thing to consider is the type of air rifle you have:

For instance, some break barrel rifles have a hinge point where they “break” (snap in half), and a large scope might interfere with this action. If the air rifle scope extends past this point, it can get damaged when you break the rifle.

Another important factor is the recoil of the air rifle:

Some scopes have zero eye relief, meaning they sit very close to your eye when shooting. While this might seem convenient, it can be dangerous with a recoiling gun. The recoil can potentially cause the scope to hit your eye or even crack your skull, leading to serious injuries.

So in summary – not all scopes are compatible with all air rifles. It’s essential to consider the specific features of your air rifle, such as the hinge point and recoil, when choosing a scope.

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Choosing the right scope can not only improve your shooting experience but also ensure your safety while handling your air rifle.

How To Pick The Right Scope For Your Rifle

pro comb

One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re getting the right scope for your rifle is to find the same model rifle on our website, and then select the “Pro Combination” package.

Scroll down until you see the dropdown box for “Scope” and see which ones are comparable with your rifle. All of the scopes we include on our product page are compatible with the product. Just make sure it’s exactly the same model rifle.

Alternatively, you can always give our shop a call on 01268 780 730 and speak to our team.

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