Why Hunt

why hunt

Many people ask me what it is I like about hunting and why do I do it.

I find it a challenge. Hunting requires patience and skill, and the buzz you get really is unparalleled to anything for else for me.

It is about so much more than the kill, which is the biggest misconception people have when I talk to them.

I have learnt to respect and admire both our wildlife and nature so much more through hunting than anything else. It has given me a greater knowledge of where our food comes from, and for some, there is no greater feeling than feeding your family with goods you have secured yourself.

You need to know your gun to be a proficient hunter.

The conditions are never perfect and to be honest that is part of the thrill for me. Making the best of a given situation, adapting my knowledge and skill set to the conditions I am faced with to secure a result is exhilarating.

Many people view hunting as a lone sport, stalking along on your own, and in some ways it is, but the friendships I have made, and connections secured with people I have only just met, purely through our common love of hunting, is difficult to describe.

Until you have tried it, it is hard to compare to anything else.

Safely and humanely taking your game has to be the number one priority when hunting, but trust me when I say, once you taste success you will most definitely be back for more.

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