What Is Plinking?

What Is Plinking

What is plinking and will it help to improve my shooting skills?

Plinking is an informal way to practice target shooting where the emphasis is on fun.

Any type of practice will improve your aim, and plinking is no exception – in fact your hand eye coordination really can improve a lot, especially for the younger or inexperienced shooter.

It is a fabulous fun way to practice your accuracy and speed shooting, with no stress, and no competition … well perhaps a little friendly rivalry between family and friends, but that is fun in itself!

The beautiful thing about plinking is that within reason, most things can be a target.

I get a little bored sometimes of paper targets, give me a target of a tin can, balloon, golf ball or even an extra strong mint – yep you read that right, if you have never used an extra strong mint for a target you must try it, the dust created when you hit the target really is satisfying! Suddenly your eyes are opened to a whole new range of techniques and you get to see what your gun can REALLY do.

It is also a great way to get to grips with using a scope.

As always safety does come first, and although it is easy to make some home made targets, and set up a mini range, you MUST make sure you have a solid backdrop. Just one stray bullet over your boundaries could wind you up in a lot of trouble. Patio slabs are great for this.

Be mindful of others, if you are using cans, they can be noisy – think about your neighbours, keep pets indoors, supervise younger shooters at all times, tell people you are shooting and never leave your gun loaded or cocked when readjusting the targets.

Most of all, get out there, have fun, plink away!

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