What Is An Air Gun Magazine? (and how do they work)

What Is An Air Gun Magazine

An airgun magazine is what holds your pellets on a multi-shot rifle.

What Are Air Gun Magazines?

An air gun magazine is a device used to store and feed pellets into a multi-shot air rifle. This allows for continuous shooting without the need to reload manually after each shot.

To use one, you simply insert pellets into the magazine, which can be done using your thumb or a pellet seating tool to ensure proper alignment. You then insert the magazine into your rifle, and you’re ready to shoot.

The magazine ensures that pellets are correctly fed into the air rifle in the right orientation – giving you a smoother shooting experience.

This is a nice feature to have on your rifle, whether you’re a pest controller, hunter or back garden plinker.

Popular Rifles With Magazines

Here’s a few of the air rifles we sell that have magazines:

BSA R-12 CLX Tactical PCP Air Rifle

Building on the success of the much-loved R10SE, BSA have carefully designed the new R12 CLX Bolt action to not only enhance the classic features of its predecessor but also to add key benefits and improvements that allow this new variant to achieve even greater levels of performance. Designed, developed, and manufactured at the BSA HQ, in Birmingham England, they have taken advantage of the very best in new design and prototyping processes. Throughout this…

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Air Arms S410 PCP Air Rifle

The S410 is the multi-shot derivation of the S400. It borrows all of the refinement and development from the s400 series, but it also adds a 10 shot magazine system that makes the s410 extremely popular with hunters and plinkers alike. In classic form, it has a great shot count, a superb adjustable trigger and is both well-proportioned and classically elegant. The s410 can be your entry to the world of performance multi-shot air guns,…

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BSA Ultra CLX Multi Shot PCP Air Rifle

The BSA Ultra CLX sets the bar to a new height taking over the lead role of BSA’s mid-sized sporter from the already high performing and time trusted Ultra SE. The CLX retains the core values of its predecessor yet due its unique Mono block platform pushes its overall performance to the next level. The new Mono block platform is the result of extensive design development and reduces the amount of internal component parts thus…

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Weihrauch HW100 Bull-Pup PCP Air Rifle

Our latest HW 100 pre-charged version out of the famous HW production. Technical configuration and function according to our HW 100 series NEW: Weaver-type scope mount with integrated new cocking-lever (also available left-handed) • ambidextrous stock design with soft-touch-finish and adjustable buttplate • Weavertype mount on the fore-end.

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Do All Air Rifles Have Magazines?

No, not all air rifles have magazines, and it’s only usually PCP air rifles that have them. Although, there are some springers that have magazines. For example the Gamo Roaster & Speedster have a magazine, and they are both break barrel, spring powered air rifles.

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