What Is An Air Gun Filling Probe?

What Is An Air Gun Filling Probe

Air gun filling probes (also known as a charging adapter or filling adapter) are small adapters that connect your PCP air gun to your filling equipment.

There’s many different types of filling probes some: fit over, some plug in and some snap on. So if you’re looking at buying one, you need to make sure you’re buying the right one for your rifle (you can always call the shop and check if you need help with this).

How Do You Use A Filling Probe?

To fill your PCP air rifle with air, you need some form of filling equipment, this could be one of the following:

Each of these will have a filling hose attached to it, to allow the air to move from the filling equipment (the compressor for example) through to your rifle.

And this is where the filling probe comes in.

You need to then attach the correct filling probe for your rifle onto the filling hose.

filling probe going into filling port

Now you have the filling probe attached to your filling hose, you insert it into the filling port on the rifle, which is usually covered by a “filler cap” (or “filler cover”), which usually just unscrews or pops off.

Here’s A Video Demonstration Using A BSA Fill Probe

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