What Is A Night Vision Scope?

What Is A Night Vision Scope

A night vision scope is a type of rifle scope that allows you to shoot accurately in low-light or nighttime conditions. There are two main types: add-on night vision scopes and dedicated night vision scopes.

  • Add-On Night Vision Scopes
    These can be attached to your regular daytime scope, enhancing its capabilities for nighttime use.
  • Dedicated Night Vision Scopes
    On the other hand, dedicated night vision scopes are designed specifically for low-light and nighttime conditions. One such example is the PARD.
PARD DS-35 50RF (4-8x850nm) Night Vision Scope

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How Does Night Vision Work?

Night vision technology uses Infrared (IR) light – This is light that’s invisible to the human eye, making it perfect for covert operations in the dark.

When you look through a night vision scope, it uses a built-in camera to capture the surrounding area. Then, an IR torch (basically a source of invisible light) illuminates the scene. This light is invisible to you but not to the night vision scope, allowing it to create a visible image for you to see.

Pros Of Using A Night Vision Scope

Here are the 2 main reasons why night vision scopes are a great piece of equipment to add to you kit.

1. They Improve Your Visibility At Night (by a lot!)

The most obvious advantage of a night vision scope is that they give you the ability to see clearly in the dark.

Compared to trying to shoot without one at night – they’re a total game changer.

2. They Make It Slightly Safer To Shoot At Night

With reduced visibility, shooting at night can be dangerous as you can’t always see your target clearly.

When you’ve got a decent night vision scope, you can take a shot more confidently, knowing you’re not going to hit something you didn’t mean to.

Cons Of Using A Night Vision Scopes

While night vision scopes offer some good benefits, it’s important to consider their limitations:

1. You Get A Reduced Depth Perception

When using a night vision scope, you may experience reduced depth perception compared to a regular daytime scope. This can make it challenging to gauge distances accurately.

2. They’re Not As Good To Use During The Daytime

Dedicated night vision scopes are not as good as regular scopes for daytime shooting due to the absence of depth perception through the digital screen. You’ll need a separate daytime scope for those situations.

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