What Are Electronic Air Rifles?

Electronic Air Rifles Explained

An electronic air rifle, sometimes referred to as a “smart airgun”, is an advanced type of airgun that uses electronic components to enhance functionality and performance.

These rifles feature electronic systems that precisely control air release and trigger mechanism, ensuring consistent shot accuracy and ease of use.

They often include real-time data displays that provide immediate feedback on shooting parameters, which helps shooters make precise adjustments on the fly. This integration of technology significantly surpasses the capabilities of traditional mechanical air rifles.

In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the most common features electronic air rifles have and give some recommendations on the best ones to buy.

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Features Of Electronic Air Rifles

Here are some of the features most electronic air rifles have:

Electronic Trigger System

The electronic trigger system in these rifles functions similarly to a computer mouse click. It electronically controls the firing mechanism, reducing the mechanical effort required to squeeze the trigger.

This improves shooting accuracy and consistency by minimising the typical shift in aim caused by traditional trigger pulls, ensuring the rifle remains steady and the shot precise.

Electronic Air Rifle

Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT)

AVT in electronic air rifles allows shooters to preset and adjust power levels according to the calibre and type of pellet. This technology is managed via a touchscreen interface.

It enhances shooting precision by ensuring consistent power and velocity output, tailored to specific shooting conditions and preferences.

Onboard Chronograph

An onboard chronograph measures the velocity of each pellet fired, integrating this data with the rifle’s electronic system to adjust for any deviations automatically.

This gives you real-time feedback on shooting performance, enabling immediate adjustments and maintaining shot consistency across various conditions.

Future-Proof Design

Electronic air rifles are designed with upgradeability in mind, meaning they can incorporate future technological advances.

This adaptability ensures the rifle remains at the cutting edge of air gun technology, providing value and top-tier performance for years to come.

Although it is worth pointing out that it’s currently better to get your local dealer to do the firmware update for you.

Touchscreen Interface

The touchscreen interface allow you to directly interact with the rifle’s settings. It can be used to adjust variables like velocity and power, and to select preset configurations tailored to different shooting conditions or preferences.

This contributes to better shot precision and a personalised shooting experience.

Are Electronic AirGuns Better Than Non-Electronic?

The answer to this is going to be dependent on what you’re looking to use the airgun for, but we would say in many ways they are incredibly good, particularly in precision and ease of use.

  • The electronic trigger eliminates common issues with trigger pull that can affect accuracy.
  • Real-time data from onboard chronographs guide shooters to make quick, informed adjustments.
  • The ability to update and customise settings through electronic interfaces ensures that these rifles can adapt to new shooting disciplines and user preferences.

Popular Electronic Air Rifles

Here are some of the popular models:

Daystate Alpha Wolf Safari PCP Air Rifle

The Safari Edition model retains Alpha Wolf’s extensive high-tech features. These include a programmable computer operating system, an Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) touchscreen display that allows users to adjust and personalise their rifle settings, a fast-swap A.R.T barrel system adaptable for different calibers and pellet or slug types, a digitally-controlled Huma-Air regulator, and an onboard chronoscope that tracks velocity throughout the rifle’s air charge. Its modular design ensures that components like the cheek rest and butt pad are fully customisable and compatible with aftermarket alternatives.

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Daystate Delta Wolf Tactical PCP Air Rifle

Sleek on the outside and cutting-edge on the inside, the Daystate Delta Wolf Tactical represents the future of air rifles, available today and designed to stay relevant. As the first Daystate model with a tactical design favoured by various shooting disciplines, the Delta Wolf is also the pioneering ‘Smart’ airgun, automatically adjusting to the shooter’s requirements. Daystate has built on two decades of electronic expertise to revolutionise electronically controlled pre-charged air rifles. The core of Delta Wolf features a touchscreen-operated Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT), allowing users to select from preset calibre-specific power levels. An integrated chronograph works in tandem with the electronic system to adjust for any inconsistencies as they occur.

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Daystate Redwolf Grand Prix PCP Air Rifle

The Red Wolf Grand Prix enhances the classic Red Wolf design with added adjustability for superior competition shooting. This model features an electronically sophisticated action and a state-of-the-art stock from Precision Rifle Systems (PRS). It boasts a quick-adjust cheek rest, forend rail, and full-length Picatinny rail, along with a comprehensive accessory range to support various shooting positions including sitting, prone, kneeling, and standing. The rifle’s fully electronic action pairs with a safely fine-tunable electronic trigger. A Liquid Crystal Display screen displays essential information like power setting, remaining pressure, shot count, and battery voltage.

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