We Love Reviews

we love reviews

How important are online reviews? Do they really make a difference to you and your business?

Are you somebody who tells somebody else if you have had a good experience?

Or are you someone who tends to moan about only the bad?

Perhaps you are both!

Are you interested in what other people think?

We are!

We LOVE to know what our customers think about us and we are proud to have the highest number of online reviews for our business within the industry.

I was amazed to learn that nearly 9 out of 10 consumers do find online reviews just as important as a personal recommendation.

This is so much higher than I personally thought. I know reviews are important, we encourage all of our customers to leave a review of their experience.

Luckily we are not faced with negative reviews but I would like to think if a review came in that was not as complimentary, we could learn from that experience.

After all if someone is saying something bad about you or your business verbally, the chances are you would never know – therefore meaning you could do little about it.

But the power of knowing what has disgruntled a customer is enormous. You not only have the potential of turning that negative experience and review into a positive experience, but you can learn from any mistakes made to ensure it is unlikely to happen again.

There are so may review platforms out there, choose one that is best suited to your business or let the reviews grow organically. Google and Facebook are just two of the most popular platforms out there, that most online consumers will have access to.

We love to shout about how good we are, because we work hard to be the best, but we love it even more when our customers do the shouting for us – in a good way of course!

Don’t just take our word for it – read our reviews, but grab a cuppa, there are a few to get through.

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