The S410 TDR Story Continues….

S410 TDR

The S410 bolt action TDR ( Take Down Rifle ) which is already a tried and tested and a great hunting rifle has now changed. For the better or worse you ask yourselves? Ive used the S410 TDR for many years ( see our Facebook page here ) and love it as you can see from my social media posts over the years.


The S410 TDR is quite simply a S410 with all that has to offer, but it will also break down into 3 separate parts in less the 20 seconds, it will also fit into a conveniently supplied 35” discreet backpack.

The S410 TDR is perfect for those shooters who want a discreet rifle, but do not want to give up high performance and accuracy.The TDR boasts features like an accessory rail for lamps, trigger mounted safety and a removable moderator that does not require a tool to fit it. It is also based on the S410 platform. The S410 is the multi-shot derivation of the S400. It borrows all of the refinement and development from the s400 series, but it also adds a 10 shot magazine system that makes the s410 extremely popular with hunters and plinkers alike. Includes Air Arms Take Down Fitted Case..

Style Sporter

Weight 2.8kg

System PreCharge

Action Type Bolt Action

10 shot Magazine

Power 11+ftlbs

Fill Pressure 190 bar

Barrel Length 395mm

Over All Length 1060mm

This rifle has never let me down, its quick to assemble, light and pointable and perfect for those like me who are moochers and not one to sit up in a hide all day, i can move from area to area with the rifle packed into its purpose built case easily with out disturbance and re-assemble in the copaced and woodland pockets of my permissions easily. I use the .177 through which i use JSB Heavy Diablo pellets which at 10.34 gr deliver a hefty wallop down range. I have also upgraded the silencer to the QTec version (comes as standard on the Ultimate sporter) and is Topped with a crisp Hawke Airmax scope, this rig has accompanied me on many a pest control foray and has always delivered the goods…

Now Air Arms have traded the bolt action for the also tried and tested S510 side leaver action the same as their extremely popular Ultimate Sporter rifle, this new upgraded rifle will be available around late October so please keep an eye on here, facebook, twitter and instagram accounts ( all links at the top of our website ) for more news on this rifle as ive one on orsed for me personally! for live updates and news of this and other exciting Airgun Centre goodies!

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