Should I Clean My Air Rifle Barrel Regularly?

Should I Clean My Air Rifle Barrel Regularly?

For air rifle shooters, one of the most common questions is whether it’s necessary to clean the rifle barrel regularly.

The answer isn’t as straightforward as a simple yes or no. It largely depends on your usage and the performance of the rifle. This is because lead pellets naturally lubricate the barrel.

This might sound counter intuitive, but a certain amount of lead residue can actually improve the rifle’s performance. As you shoot, the lead coats the inside of the barrel, facilitating smoother travel for subsequent pellets.

However, there’s a delicate balance to be maintained. Too much lead buildup can adversely affect your rifle’s accuracy. And this is the main sign that it’s time for cleaning.

When you start noticing your shots are not hitting the mark as precisely as they used to, it’s likely that the excess lead is impacting the rifle’s performance.

So, when should you actually clean your air rifle barrel?

The answer lies in observing how your rifle performs over time. A decrease in accuracy is a clear sign that your barrel needs attention. Unlike other maintenance routines that follow a set schedule, cleaning your air rifle barrel is more about being responsive to changes in its performance.

How To Clean Your Barrel

If you noticed your rifle is having accuracy issues and you want to see if cleaning the barrel provides a solution, there’s 2 easy ways to do so.

The first involves using a pull through kit. Once you’ve got your pull through kit, you put the bore snake down the barrel until it comes out the breach, then you put the cleaning patch through the loop and pull it down the barrel a couple of times, using one patch for each pull.

The second way, which is a lot easier and quicker is to use felt cleaning pellets. You simply push 1 cleaning pellet into the breach and fire it out the gun (do not put them into the magazine).

It usually only takes a couple of cleaning pellets, as you don’t want to remove too much lead from your barrel (it needs some for lubrication).

Usually only takes a couple, as you don’t want to clean too much lead out of your barrel and make your rifle un-lubricated. Just make sure you got a decent backstop if you’re using these as they do fire out with some power.

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