Ready Steady Shoot

Ready Steady Shoot

When I am planning to do something I want to know EVERYTHING about it. Some one said to me the other day “I want to take up a new hobby, I have been thinking of getting an airgun, where do I start and what do I need to know?”

Good question! Don’t make the mistake I do which is steaming in full of enthusiasm, buying up everything remotely related that I MIGHT need, before I even know what exactly it is I am trying to achieve.

A beginners guide to air rifles is available here

Ultimately it comes down to asking yourself a few questions.

Why, what, when, where and how.

What are you doing? Target shooting, or perhaps pest control.

Why are you doing it? For a hobby or potentially competitively? Or maybe you hope to earn some money from your hobby one day?

When are you going to do this? Occasional use will likely mean a smaller budget where as regular use will perhaps leave you with a little more to spend. Lets not get too bogged down on the money side though. There are great guns available at the lower end of the price bracket, and the second hand options available are a fab way to get you up and running for less money than you may first think.

Where are you going to shoot? This is perhaps one of the most important ones. To a degree, anyone can buy an air rifle, but with owning a air rifle comes great responsibility. You cannot just shoot anywhere, you will need to join a club or have written permission from a land owner.

How are you going to do this? Do you have someone that is willing to you show the ropes? Are you going to watch some online tutorials to gain some insight into the overall basics?

Or perhaps you will join a club. I would highly recommend this, it is full of friendly likeminded people and for a beginner there is nothing better than learning everything you need to know about air guns from those more experienced than yourself.

You can of course always call up and speak to one of our team who are always more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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