PCP Vs Spring Air Rifles

PCP V Spring

One of the questions we get asked the most here at The Airgun Centre is should I buy a PPC (Pre Charged Pneumatic) or a Spring rifle?

In reality you have the answer, you probably just do not realise it … YET!

Like most comparisons and options in life, should I go petrol or diesel, or Apple or Samsung… the answer really is dependent on what you are expecting and what you are actually trying to do. There are pros and cons for each and our aim is always to deliver the right gun for you, your budget and your needs.

The PCP tends to be the go to rifle, especially for hunting and competitive target shooting. They have phenomenal accuracy, are very easy to shooting it is relatively easy to achieve impressive results fast. An Air Arms S400 for example is more than capable of placing 10 shoots within a target the size of a 5p piece (at 40 yards).

A PCP is reliable and consistent and requires very little in the way of maintenance. In fact they can last upward of 10 years if they are looked after.

Although it requires little in the way of maintenance it is worth noting that they do have large amount of seals – these are mostly hassle free but they do perish over time so it is worth keeping up to date with servicing. The only real downside of the PCP is that they require filling with air before you can get going. You will need a pump or a sub tank and this should be factored in when costing your rifle.

A Spring rifle is often the choice for occasional shooters and pest controllers/hunters. It is arguably the most reliable due to the low number of moving parts making them a lot simpler. The initial cost is also normally lower due to the fact that they are self contained and do not require any filling equipment to make them work. The fact that they are not affected by a change in temperature makes this a choice for many hunters. Another big advantage is the ability to adjust them to the way you would like them to shoot. Rifles like the Air Arms TX200 can be disassembled with ease and with very few tools, you can then change the spring and guides and this will change the rifles firing cycle.

Dubbed by many as the “workhorse” amongst air guns it is worth mentioning that they can be noisy, harder to cock and they do require some basic maintenance. It will take longer to learn how to shoot a spring rifle at the highest level, as spring guns don’t like to be gripped hard and learning how to hold one is the main art in spring gun shooting but this can be a huge amount of fun so do not let this alone put you off!

Ultimately the decision comes down to you and what you are using it for.

We are always happy to advise but if you ask yourself a couple of basic questions you will normally arrive at the right decision for you:

  1. What am I using my air gun for?
  2. How much money do I wish to spend?

Popular PCP Rifles

Gamo Phox Mk2 PCP Repeating Air Rifle Value Package

This fantastic new 10 shot PCP from Gamo utilises the well proven 10 shot R10 mag along with other BSA components making it ultra reliable ,by far the the best value P.C.P rifle on the market today. This Phox comes as a complete Pre-charged package including a H/E pump , 3-9×40 telescopic sight , case and incredible Whisper silencer.This package makes shooting a P.C.P Rifle an affordable Must!

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Kral NP-02 Repeating  PCP Air Rifle Combination Package

The Kral Puncher NP-02 P.C.P air rifle is available in either .177 or .22 calibre. This very compact air rifle features an air bottle to the rear and an air cylinder to the front. Due to this, the rifle is capable of producing approximately 200 shots per fill. Featuring a Turkish walnut stock with a pistol grip and stippling to the grip and stock. The NP-02 Kral has two colour options for the action: Anodised…

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Weihrauch HW 100KT PCP Air Rifle Combination Package

The KT variant of the HW100 is the thumbhole carbine version. The thumbhole design is probably the most attractive of the HW100 and it is also the favourite amongst precision shooters. A thumbhole stock enables the shooter to place more skin on the stock and this helps the shooter control the rifle. The Stock is made from quality oiled walnut and is fully ambidextrous. There are also finger groves in the fore end for extra…

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Popular Spring Rifles

Weihrauch HW95K Hunting Spring Air Rifle Combination Package

The Weihrauch HW95k is a stunning break barrel spring rifle . The quality hardwood stock is robust and lightweight and the styling will remind you of the airguns of your youth. The HW95 is a full powered air rifle and is – without doubt – one of Weihrauch’s bestselling rifles.Fitted with the fantastic Hw Silencer.

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Kral Walnut Devil .22 Spring Air Rifle Value Package

NOW FITTED WITH THE Hawke Fast-Mount 3-9×40 AO Mil-Dot Scope The new Kral Arms N-01 makes for a competitively priced entry level air gun for those just beginning or for seasoned veterans. The Kral N-01 features a ventilated rubber butt pad, reducing recoil to a minimum, and a ambidextrous stock. The spring piston will provide the accuracy that some say a gas piston doesn’t have. Fiber-optic Truglo front and adjustable rear sights, and an 11mm…

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Weihrauch HW99S Spring Air Rifle Combination Package

The Weihrauch HW99S may be an entry level springer, but it is still a great rifle. Designed to be used with open sights, the stock has been specifically designed to help the shooter get the most from the rifle. The lower cheek piece means your head will always be perfectly aligned with the rear and front sight and the narrow fore-end makes then rifle easy to hold.The HW99 is set at about 10.5ftlbs and even…

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