Lets Embrace Change!

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Change is inevitable, it is all around us whether we like it or not! Here at The Airgun Centre I would like to think that we embrace change, nobody likes to stand still – unless you have a gun in your hand and a target in sight of course!

We never want to be left behind, we like to be ahead of the times in many ways, embracing new technologies, whether that be through accessories for guns or our online presence.

There is no denying the transition to online presence has been massive over the last 20 years, and the way we shop has changed forever.

We first launched our online presence back in 2003, and it is safe to say many things have changed since then. If you wanted to order a gun, you could of course pop into our shop – like indeed you still can today – or you needed to order by phone or fax! Are fax machines even utilised anymore?!

I am sure they are somewhere, and I remember feeling really efficient when we could receive a request almost simultaneously – well as long as the connection took to dial up! People would normally call us to tell us they were sending a fax – would you call someone now to inform them you were sending an email or have just place an online order?!

The use of images was limited and everything was created within a frame. Believe it or not at that time this was a forward thinking design!

2003 2010

We had a rebrand in 2011, but we still only served desktops. There was no mobile responsiveness, which considering that was less than 10 years and the dependency we have on our mobile devices now astounds me.

We did however embrace online sales, and for the first time you could not only order and pay online – but you could get finance for your purchase!


Changes came thick and fast and in 2014 we launched a fully responsive design and first started utilising 360 rotating photos. Now we love people to come and handle our guns in store, but sometimes that is not possible, and getting that full look around of the gun online really did change the online experience for many. You felt like you could inspect and admire the gun at all angles from the comfort of your arm chair.


Our current website was launched just last year, and the comparison between then and now is immense. We launched our Facebook chat and gift cards and have embraced newer technologies making our website seamless on multiple devices, making it easier than ever before to find exactly what you want.

One thing that has never changed – and never will is our passion for our customers. We may embrace all things online, and lets be honest, would we still be alive and kicking today if we didn’t? But one thing we will never lose is our individuality and approachable nature – whether you purchase from us online or instore one thing is for sure, when you join our air gun family you won’t ever want to leave.

2018 onwards
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