How Often Should You Service Your Air Rifle?

How Often Should You Service Your Air Rifle

If you’re a proud owner of an air rifle, you might be wondering, “How often should I get my air rifle serviced?” Well, the answer will depend on the type of rifle you own and your usage. Although there’s more to it than this, the short answer is: for PCP, get them checked every year or so. And for springers, get them checked if you notice any issues.

Again, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, and so in this article we’ll explain the specifics.

How Often To Service Spring Air Rifles

Let’s start with spring guns. They’re well known for their durability and reliability.

And when it comes to when they need servicing, unless you notice a change in either the sound of your rifle or its accuracy, you don’t need to rush into servicing them regularly.

Why? Because a service can often be quite expensive and if there’s nothing going wrong with your springer, there’s no need to get it serviced.

Unless you bought the gun from us of course. More on that later.

How Often To Service PCP Air Rifles

Now, let’s take a look at pre-charged airguns. These are a bit different as there’s more working parts.

For these, it’s a good idea to schedule a service once a year.

Although with that being said, if something’s amiss, you’ll notice your rifle losing air overnight or the point of impact shifting slightly. These telltale signs are your cue to go get it serviced.

How Servicing Works At The AirGun Centre


If you bought the air rifle from us at The AirGun Centre, and you’re the original owner, we’ll service it for you for free anytime you notice it’s having an issue.

There’s no additional charges for this service and it includes both parts and labour. The only costs to you is postage.

This is included with all of our air rifles and air pistols.

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