Cylinder Or Buddy Bottle Air Guns

Cylinder Or Buddy Bottle Air Guns

There are rifles on the market that have cylinders (like the HW100 from Weihrauch) and rifles (like the Daystate Airwolf) that have buddy bottles.

We will ignore the aesthetics of each rifle, as that is a personal thing and look at the practicality of both.


The rifle with the cylinder will be capable of giving you 50-60 shots with a single fill. This is more than enough to hunt and to shoot a competition. After shooting your 60 shots,however, you will then need to refill the rifle from a tank or a pump before you are good to go again. Also, rifles in this class are lighter and more compact and in some cases cheaper.

Buddy Bottle.

Rifles like the Daystate Airwolf have a capability of shooting between 400 and 500 pellets on a single charge. If you have a friendly gun shop, scuba centre or know someone with a scuba tank who will fill your gun for you, you can have a rifle that will shoot a whole tin of pellets before you need to recharge. Owning a rifle like an Airwolf, can negate the need to purchase charging equipment and thus make it a very attractive option.