Are PCP Air Rifles Quiet? (compared to other guns)

Are PCP Air Rifles Quiet

When it comes to how loud a PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) air rifle is when you fire a pellet, the answer isn’t a simple “it’s quiet” or “it’s loud”.

Instead, it depends on a few different things, including whether a silencer or moderator is attached to the rifle.

In this article, we’ll explain the noise levels of PCP air rifles, comparing them to other types of air rifles and firearms.

PCP Air Rifles Without A Silencer

Without any form of noise reduction, PCP air rifles can be surprisingly loud.

The release of compressed air can produce a sharp report, which might not be suitable for all shooting situations – especially in quiet residential areas or when you’re out hunting.

Using A Silencer/Moderator

However, the noise profile of PCP air rifles change dramatically when equipped with a moderator or silencer.

These do a great job in reducing the noise your rifle makes. As a result, PCP air rifles with moderators are known for their stealthy operation, making them an excellent choice for backyard plinking, pest control, hunting or discreet target shooting.

Did you know: All of our Pro Combination packages come with a silencer included with the rifle?

Comparison To Other Guns

Let’s now take a look at how PCP’s compare to other types of gun when it comes to noise:

They’re Much Quieter Than Gunpowder-Powered Firearms

When compared to traditional firearms that use gunpowder, PCP air rifles are a lot quieter.

Traditional firearms, like handguns and rifles, use gunpowder to propel bullets at high speeds. This process generates a loud explosive bang (even with noise-reducing attachments).

In contrast, PCP air rifles, which use compressed air to shoot pellets, produce much less noise.

And A Fair Bit Quieter Than Spring-Powered Air Rifles

PCP air rifles are also usually quieter than their spring-powered counterparts.

And so if quietness is a factor when trying to decide between the 2 – PCP is often going to be your best bet – especially when combined with a moderator/silencer!

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