Air Gunning That Hobby You Always Wanted….

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Did you ever think to yourself “id really like an air rifle but i haven’t anywhere to go shooting” ?
Well now theres no reason to! We at the airgun centre take great pride in supplying not only great products to our customers but also FUN!

I have been shooting airguns since i was 9 years old and went from, like many of you, the good old “Gat Gun” to a BSA meteor rather quickly, i spent hours upon hours sitting plinking in my parents garden with it knocking over all manner of bits and bobs from cotton reels to beer cans (my fathers of course I’m 9 remember!) and i steadily moved up better and better until many many years later i purchased a TX200 from the Airgun Centre then a short while later my first PCP, the legendary Theoben Rapid 7 in .22, as i was an apprentice at the time i had to borrow the money from my younger brother as he had a city job and i still remember being handed it by the man who now owns the airgun centre, if i could only show you the hours, days even years of fun I’ve had with that rife, its filled my cooking pots so many times and has soothed my stresses of work and life many many times by plinking at targets more times than i care to remember!

I still have my early MK1 Rapid 7 from Theoben, i still take it into the airgun centre every 6 months for a check over and the odd service and the fun continues but now my collection has grown remarkably due to the massive range the Airgun Centre stocks, and is i obviously spend a great deal of time in there now being a member of staff i still get a great buzz from my Airgun shooting, Why am i babbling on about what air gunning means to me? Well because now is a great time to start that hobby you have always wanted! Why? Because we are very fortunate here at the Airgun Centre to have many first class Air gun shooting venues less than an hour from our shop in Essex and as Airgun shooting grows as a hobby more and more clubs be they Hunter Field Target, Field Target or just simply plinking ranges are opening up and down the country.

For example Petes Airgun Farm is in Essex and is just 29 minutes from our shop in Rayleigh Essex, Pete has a great indoor target and plinking range a mini HFT range and a vast outdoor plinking range full of knock down targets and spinners that give great satisfaction when hit plus 400 acres of farm land to shoot over for shooting all legal pest/vermin species in the UK, its open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Many airgun enthusiasts use Petes so theres always a friendly airgun community feel to it and Pete always has a friendly warm welcome for all of his customers!

Another example is Maldon and District Air Rifle Club, also known as MAD this is nestled in amongst the wonderful Essex countryside, obviously in Maldon close to Chelmsford and again is only half an hour from the Airgun Centre. MAD is one of the friendliest airgun clubs you could possibly find, its a Hunter Field Target club and runs competition shoots throughout the year to keep the competitive ones amongst you keen and also has some great open shooting days plus a plinking range and HFT course permanently at its members disposal, again its open 24/7 and to book a visit just see and call Richard Woods who is a fantastic guy and a very experienced Airgun shooter indeed!
These are just two of many not just in Essex but in every county across our green and verdant land!

So back to my opening statement “ Id really like an airgun but i haven’t anywhere to go shooting” well its no longer the case! We at the Airgun Centre have everything you need to start an exciting new hobby we have massive stocks of many different quality Airguns to suit every budget, finance packages availably so you can shoot now and pay later, and everything you could possibly need for your new hobby to set you off on the right foot. Our experienced and friendly staff will guide you every step of the way when buying one of our legendary airgun combo packages with all have a lifetime guarantee and free servicing for as long as you own the gun. So don’t delay visit our site at or us at our shop or simply call us to start the hobby you have always wanted, why let me have all the fun!!

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