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Target Shooting

Select one of the below relevant to your activity requirements.

Field TargetField Target

Field target shooting is the pinnacle of the target shooting world, it is a perfect sport for those people who love the complexity of setting up a rifle and scope to get the maximum level of accuracy. Shooting targets from 8 to 55 yards with a large amount of standing and kneeling shots, Field Target is the ultimate test of the shooter and their equipment.

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Hunter Field TargetHunter Field Target

HFT is a target sport that is designed to hone and improve a shooter’s range finding and shooting technique. With targets set from 8 to 45 yards, shooters take on targets from the prone, standing and kneeling positions.

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Plinking is one of the most popular forms of shooting in the UK and it's perfectly legal to shoot in your garden (as long as the pellet does not leave your boundary and that you are not within 50ft of the centre of a highway or cause alarm to anybody who can see you shoot).

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