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Pest Control

Select one of the below relevant to your activity requirements.

Pest ControlAt Home

Using an air rifle for pest control is not only environmentally sound (no use of chemicals and traps), it can be a lot of fun as well. The shooting of rabbits and grey squirrels (on land where you have permission) can be a wonderful sport and bagging a few rabbits for the pot, is a perfect way to save a few pounds on meat from the supermarket and as rabbit is organic it tastes great too.

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Professional Pest ControlProfessional

Professional pest control needs high quality, super reliable equipment with a large shot count. At the Airgun Centre we can supply a wide range of rifles that use the buddy bottle system or rifles like the AirArms TDR that can be broken down and stored out of sight. We also supply a wide range of lamps and filters to help you shoot in low light and poor conditions.

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