TRACKER RX 2X24/3.5X42

Based on the Tracker LT model, the Tracker RX 3.5x40 offers dual magnification options via the included 1.7x lens converter. The unit is fitted with a single IR illuminator for use in very low light/total darkness. Each Tracker model is fitted with two high grade Gen 1 image intensifier tubes that are colour and gain matched for optimum performance. The wide exit pupil diameter from each ocular negates the need for interpupillary adjustment, which in turn gives a less complicated but stronger body shell design. A contoured one-piece wrap-around eyecup prevents external light intrusion and the permanently attached Eclipse™ objective lens caps can be rotated and opened right back along the body to prevent loss or obstruction. Both models have a built-in IR illuminator for use in very low light and total darkness and benefit from a tactile green/black sure-grip ABS plastic body shell with partial rubber armouring for added protection and hold. The Tracker 3x42 has the greatest standard magnification in the Tracker night vision binocular range featuring 3.0x image magnification and a 20° field of view. It also benefits from independent objective lens focusing for improved image sharpness. The Tracker RX 3.5x40 is the most versatile model in the Yukon Tracker range, being essentially a Tracker LT 2x24 packed with a 1.7x Lens Converter, offering either 2.0x magnification with a 30° field of view or 3.5x magnification with a 15° field of view. Powered from a single 3v Lithium CR123A battery (not included) they feature twin operational status LED’s that illuminate green and red depending on the active features and both models come with a detachable neck strap and a stylish soft carry case.



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