The Best Regulated Rifle

The HW100 has only been around for a few years, but it has already proven itself in the world of hunting and HFT. It is an extremely reliable and well-made rifle and has typical German attention to detail and quality. As you pick the rifle up, you can see the quality immediate and when you shoot it through a chronograph, there is a less then 8fps variance with weighed pellets. The 100 has an air metering system (different name for a regulator) that uses, a set of Bellevue washers, pistons and O rings to regulate the output of the rifle, as a result of this system, there is no power curve and the rifle I had was capable of putting out nearly 60 shots between fills.

The 100 has a thumbhole, ambidextrous stock in Beechwood as standard and it comes in a carbine format. The rifle weighs in at just over 7lbs and is under 900mm in total length. Which makes it light and compact. The compact design means that the end of the barrel is closer to the shooters and because of this, it is very user friendly. Even if you are a big and strong, the 100 is good for you, as it is very easy to manipulate and get on target quickly, which makes it perfect for hunters and target shooters.

The HW100 is a rifle that you will buy then you can hand down through the years, as Weihrauch has a reputation for reliability and build quality and the HW100 is a stunning rifle.