The WiFi trail camera is a high-tech, innovative new addition to the SpyPoint range. It offers very similar functionality and specification to the LIVE & LIVE-3G camera, but can be connected to via WiFi instead of a mobile network. There are two options for connecting to the camera: The camera can be connected to directly via a WiFi enabled device such as a mobile phone, laptop or table computer. When connected to in this way pictures and videos can be viewed or settings can be changed. The second method of connection is to join the camera to an existing wireless network. Any computer on the network can then access the camera or, when in MySpyPoint mode, it can be connected to via the internet – i.e. using any web enabled device. A subscription to the MySpyPoint website will be required.

The WiFi camera is compatible with SpyPoint Remos technology and comes with the RC-1 remote control. The RC-1 can turn the cameras WiFi system on or off which will preserve the battery life of the camera and prevent unauthorised access. Available separately is the MS-1 Motion Sensor and IRB-W infrared Booster. 

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