In any sport within modern society there are always a few that seem to ruin not only the fun but also, more importantly the reputation of the sport. 

Take the latest World Cup for example.  A small minority of what can only be described as hooligans marred the opening games this summer by behaving in a non sportsman way, and sadly some people saw this as reflection of the game, rather than the other examples of sportsmanship such as England fans drinking with the Welsh prior to their game, and England fans going onto support the Welsh National team when they progressed further than anyone could ever have predicted at the start of the season.

Now I know that football is in some ways a more “mainstream” sport, if there is such a thing…. But that does not mean that just because something is not reported on National News that it is not something that is noticed or even felt by other people.  Plinking is one of those things that is noticed and felt by others, and ultimately calls into debate the culpability and respect shown by air gun shooters to everybody else.

What is Plinking?  Plinking is what many air gun shooters partake in; it is taking an informal target, normally in an informal surrounding, and practising your aim. 

In short, shooting for fun – no actual target practise per se, or even hunting, just taking part in the pure joy of shooting.

This could take place in your garden for example, or in your local woods, using tin cans and buckets.  Sadly, many people who partake in this don’t take into account other people, or wildlife, and miss perhaps the key component within any competitive sport – Respect. 

Please clean up after yourselves, and think of other people and animals around you, if you are in your garden consider your neighbours, if you are in the woods consider wildlife and how not clearing up after yourself can potentially have a negative effect on our wildlife.  Plinking is fun, and even a “cheap” way of shooting; many favour the .22 due to the low cost of the bullets, and ultimately it should be fun.