We always strive to deliver you products that are used industry wide by both those who see shooting as a hobby and those who are professionals and top of their game. We also pride ourselves on delivering fantastic advice, recommending products and ultimately providing you with great deals.

Knowing what gun to buy to best achieve what you need can be a tricky task and we are here with our first “rifle of the month” offering you some superb combination deals and inspiration if you are looking to select a new gun.

This month our focus is on the WEIHRAUCH HW 100 KT SPECIAL.

Perhaps the finest PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) within todays market this is a favourite amongst precision shooters, and many national level shooters.

The reliability and accuracy makes this a popular choice amongst the target shooters out there, whilst the high shot count and usability puts this as a firm favourite with those needing a gun to hunt. In fact the smaller length barrel makes this gun more compact making it perfect if your location is within woodland. Coupled with the increased control due to the thumbhole feature meaning more skin can be directly on the stock, and the fact that the centre of gravity is just a fraction forward of the trigger guards makes this perfect from that kneeling position often adopted within the woodland.

The Weihrauch HW 100 KT Special is also ambidextrous so whoever you are this is potentially the only air rifle you could ever need.

The finish and quality is second to none, loading is smooth and easy and with 14 shots per magazine and a subtle side-lever cocking action it is no wonder that the only pre-charged rifle from Weihrauch is one of the market leaders.

If you are looking to increase your precision shooting this really could be the rifle for you.