They are known as the ultimate in air rifles, and they intuitively design rifles that air gun enthusiasts love to shoot.

It is no coincidence that all of their air guns have been designed with the cooperation of many well-respected shooters, some of who are accomplished engineers in their own right.  Air Arms would not be in the respected position they are today without this invaluable expert advice, and their attention to perhaps one of the most important foundation to build upon – accuracy. 

The Air Arms S510 is our featured rifle this month, and with its elegance coupled with its quiet precision it really is easy to feel that shooting straight has never been simpler or more rewarding. 

Technology never stands still, so although some may feel you couldn’t improve upon the S400/410 series we believe the S510 is a clear contender for the greatest PCP hunter ever released by Air Arms. 

The Air Arms S510 takes the entire performance feature range and incorporates them with a sidelever cocking and loading system, allowing you to cycle the action without taking your eyes from the scope, once again maintaining Air Arms impeccable accuracy standards. 

Even the features which at first glance one may put down to a cosmetic feature, such as the curved scalloped ridges on the fill point cover cap, or the thread protection cap at the muzzle, actually serve a purpose of increasing your grip.   Beauty is never just skin deep when it comes to Air Arms.

Manufactured in Air Arms' state-of-the-art facility in England, the S510 sets the benchmark for not just accuracy, but power and versatility too.

You can purchase our rifle combination version of the S510 here.