An Air Gun brand that appears to be sneaking in under a lot of radars – which lets face it, if we are aiming and shooting, coming in under radar is something we all aspire to achieve….  So what is this brand and could it be for you?

Initially aimed at the cheaper end of the market, Kral Arms is a fast growing Turkish gun maker, who primarily aimed and positioned himself at the cheaper end of the market. However with their continued attention to detail, superb build quality, and improvements to their finish, this has ensured they are creeping in to the next price brackets territory without the increase in price themselves.

Their PCP model, the Kral Arms Puncher Breaker is a suitable investment, whether you are making a first purchase or are looking for a lightweight, accurate, easy to use gun for pest control, tournament shooting or perhaps just garden plinking. 

Do not be fooled by the price of this gun, it is more than capable and there really is little to fault with this gun.  The ventilated recoil pad, the fact that it will suit both right and left hookers, the well-proportioned fore-end ensuring maximum comfort in the shoulder area are just a few features worth a mention.  Even the generosity of 2 magazines, which highlight their engineering prowess, is a nice little find upon unpacking the box.

Available today from as little as £19.23 a month we can see why this is sneaking up on some of its competitors.

See the whole range here.