The new Nitesite Viper RTek has arrived and it is a fine example of some of the new selection of digital night vision to emerge in this area of the market.  

The Nitesite Viper Rtek allows you to convert your day riflecope into a night vision system rapidly and effortlessly.  The way it incorporates integrated video recording at the touch of a button allows you to record high quality images to the memory card which can be shared both online via wifi connectivity whilst still in the field or simply played back at home.

The smart onboard camera focusing system is another piece of technology that really does set this product apart from the rest.

The brightness of the screen can be adjusted, and it’s amazing how much of a difference this assumed small feature could have when in the field. 

NiteSite are well known in the industry for not only designing but manufacturing patented products within the night vision range for hunting, and here at the Airgun Centre we are delighted to stock a wide range of products to suit all budgets, abilities and personal preferences.

The Nitesite Laser Rangefinder is worth singling out as a product that can improve both accuracy and safety on your night hunting practice, when attached to the many of the products in the Nitesite range including the new Viper RTek.