Choosing a scope that best suits what you personally need can be a hard decision, that’s why we are proud and excited to have added Hawke to our available stock list.  As an industry leader within specialised optics for both serious hunters and shooters, you know that whatever it is that you are looking for you are making a good choice. 

Hawke scopes are available with all different strengths and weaknesses, but they are all exquisitely engineered for every eventuality.

There are multiple magnification options, so if you are a traditional hunter who is keen to keep the overall weight of their air rifle down then the Airmax is for you, but if you are after a more simplistic approach the Vantage is what you should be investing in.  Alternatively the Panorama offers a wider range lens, which maximises clarity for those keen to see more.

All of these Hawke scopes withstand the vibration and recoil of an airgun and are available now at a great prices right here.