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In the world of air rifles, there are very few names that are as evocative as BSA. This company has been part of British history for over 150 years and the free world owes it a massive debt of gratitude. BSA started its life as a collection of arms manufacturers; who in 1854 were tasked with supplying weapons for British soldiers to use during the Crimean war. Then, in June 1861, this group took the decision...
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Daystate is one of the world’s leading airgun manufacturers and is widely accepted as being one of the first UK manufacturers to build PCP airguns. The company was founded back in 1978 by four gentlemen; Ken Gibbon, Mike Seddon, Don Lowndes and Jim Phillips. The first rifle that was ever produced was not one that shoots pellets; it was a tranquiliser gun and it was called the AirRanger. This AirRanger became extremely popular with zoos and...
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They are known as the ultimate in air rifles, and they intuitively design rifles that air gun enthusiasts love to shoot. It is no coincidence that all of their air guns have been designed with the cooperation of many well-respected shooters, some of who are accomplished engineers in their own right. Air Arms would not be in the respected position it is today without this invaluable expert advice. So how did Air Arms begin? And who...
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A question we get asked by many customers at The AirGun Centre is “What’s the best rifle you can buy for under £500”. You may not expect a wide range of rifles in this price bracket, but you’d be surprised at the selection available.

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