Daystate PulsarWorld Champions, professional vermin controllers and airgun experts around the world use Daystate Air guns.  Self billed as the “finest and most powerful air guns in the world” it really is easy to see why.

Daystate were pioneers of the modern precharged pneumatic design, and to this day they are still releasing groundbreaking features, such as the Hybrid Trigger Unit (HTU) on the Daystate Renegade.  Its pre-charged action is mechanically driven – the first of its kind to be seen!  

The Daystate Renegade shares many features of the Daystate Pulsar, except the computerized complexity allowing this to be warmly received in its own right.

From the beginning, shooters noticed that precharged guns were a lot easier to shoot than spring guns.  The fact that the sport of field target started around the same time meant it was inevitable that Daystate Airguns would be the choice of World Champions.

Nowadays, with their state of the art CNC production machinery, they combine modern technology and pure craftsmanship to bring you some of the world’s finest air guns. 

The Daystate Renegade, Daystate Pulsar and Daystate Pulsar Tactical really are no exception; they represent a new era in terms of modern air gun engineering, and come complete with a whole list of features including a built in laser sight, multiple power settings and a display information screen.

Daystate continue to release groundbreaking products, but lets be honest – did you expect anything less from the market leader in design and innovation.

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