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Air Arms s410 spec

The S410 Special is the multi-shot derivation of the S400. It borrows all of the refinement and development from the s400 series, but it also adds a 10 shot magazine system that makes the s410 special extremely popular with hunters and plinkers alike. In classic form, it has a great shot count, a superb adjustable trigger and is both well-proportioned and classically elegant. The s410 special can be your entry to the world of performance multi-shot air guns, and it could also be the only gun you will ever need.

(The s410 comes in classic or carbine format, the carbine is about 10cm and 10g lighter than the classic. Both are extremely accurate, but the carbine can be easier to use for shooters of small stature or who want a rifle to be compact for hunting).

Style Sporter
System PreCharge
Action Type Bolt Action , 10 shot magazine
Power 11+ftlbs
Fill Pressure 190 bar
Barrel Length Carbine 395mm Standard 1020mm
Over All Length Carbine 925mm Standard 1020mm

Price as configured: £917


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Price as configured: £917

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